LifeStyled Outdoors: Kid-Friendly

For some of us, a LifeStyled space revolves around kids. If you have kids running around your yard (whether your own or your grandchildren) you want to make sure the space is styled for fun and safe play. A kid-friendly space doesn’t have to anti-adult! In this post we’ll take a look at family-friendly LifeStyled outside spaces that you and your kids will love.

  • Make sure safety is a priority! If you are able to have a fenced-in backyard, I highly recommend it. Also make sure any wood is sanded well (no splinters please!) and avoid using chemical fertilizers or pesticides in the garden (little hands like to go straight from dirt to mouth).
  • Use bright colors! Kids love them and they will make your backyard look like a wonderland.
  • Involve all senses: touch – a soft Lamb’s Ear plant; smell – fragrant flowers; hearing – wind chimes; taste – yummy vegetables.

Make a sound area:

kids 1 Mrs. Myers Kindergarten 

Make a Stump Tic-Tac-Toe:

kids 2 Paige’s Party Ideas

Store toys in bins:

kids 3 Let The Children Play

Have a chalk area outback:

kids 4 Lowe’s

Make an outside race track:

kids 5 Better Homes and Gardens

Grow a bean fort:

kids 6 Joyful Toddlers

Make a truck play area:

kids 7 All For The Boys

Make a rock wall:

kids 8 Impatiently Crafty

Create a climbing area:

kids 10 Cedar & Thyme

Quick Tip: Add cinnamon to the sandbox to keep ants away!

kids 9 Being Frugal Sally

This video has some cute ideas for a day of fun in your LifeStyled space:

So how do you style your outside area to be kid-friendly? I would love to hear your decor story! Leave a comment and you may be featured in an upcoming post.

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