Organization: The Closet

To finish off this series we are going to visit the bedroom closet (insert horror movie theme music). So often closed closet doors hide a jumble of clothes, shoes, purses, and belts. I mean, seriously, how many times have you bought a new black dress only to find your perfectly good old one later in a heap in the corner of your dark closet?

closet org 1 Box Bee

Picking your outfits, shopping, and accessorizing can all be much easier with a well organized closet, plus you’ll be able to actually enjoy your possessions! To help you tame your closet here are some organizing tips:

closet org 11


1. Use the inside of your door. Add curtain rods and hang your scarves. As a bonus, use shower curtain  rings with clips to hang gloves and hats.

closet org 12 BuzzFeed

2. Hang baskets on the wall to hold clutches, wallets –  anything small that tends to find itself in a messy pile on the floor.

closet org 2 Decor Fix

3. Use shower curtain rings on a hanger to keep baseball caps organized and on one place.

cloest org 3


4. Use a letter sorter to store your flip flops. It keeps pairs together and allows you to see all of your sandals.

closet org 4 A Little Craft in Your Day

5. Hang your boots. It keeps them organized and prevents lines that are caused when the tops flop over.

closet org 13 Daily Woman Talks

6. Use garment organizers to separate your clothes into categories (seasons, occasions, type, whatever works for you).

closet org 14 BuzzFeed

7. Utilize floor space by adding shelves or cubbies.

closet org 6 Martha Stewart

8. Shelf dividers can keep anything in line!

closet org 7 This Old House

9. Store your suitcases in the dead space above your closet door by using hooks.

closet org 8 Apartment Therapy

10. If you have the space, a lazy susan in the corner of your closet will add space, make it easy to access a lot of different things, and make your closet the envy of all of your friends.

closet org 9 Decorating Files

11. Use decorative boxes and label them.

closet org 10 Decorating Your Small Space

This info-graphic from the Joyful Organizer is perfect to get you started on your closet organizing journey. Happy organizing!

closet org 5

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