LifeStyled for Fall: Part 1

With Fall bringing us crisp temperatures and winter fast approaching, the best way to face the season is with a warm and cozy home. The colder it gets the more time we spend indoors, so stave off those post-summer blues with fuzzy blankets and yummy candles. Something about a warm cup of coffee curled up on the sofa makes the chilly weather more fun. There are a multitude of quick and easy ways to turn your home into a cozy getaway.

  • There’s no such thing as too many soft blankets!                                                                   When you’re talking cozy, there is no better way to get comfy and warm than curling up with a soft blanket. Add a touch of fall to your home by using plaid patterns and woven textures. Toss a couple of blankets across couches, chairs, bedspreads, anything that needs a little fall updating. Stick a wicker or wire basket full of cozy throws in the corner to add a pop of color to your room of choice.

fall post 3

  • The best way to stay toasty in the chilly weather is by sipping on a hot drink!              Stock up on your beverage of choice, be it coffee, tea, or both. Pick flavors like apple cinnamon tea or pumpkin spice coffee, and you’ll get an instant boost of fall spirit. Add an extra dose of fun by updating your mug collection. Grab a mug with a cute fall quote or fun little design to make your drink Instagram worthy.

42ba3f0cf690b7ef45d1cfa111de49bc (1)

  • Candles and more candles!                                                                                                         Mood lighting does wonders to make a space more inviting, as does yummy scents! One of the best ways to make staying in more enjoyable is by lighting delicious candles. Pick fall scents to get in the mood of the changing season. Bath & Body Works has a great selection of 3-wick fall candles like Sweater Weather, Leaves, Flannel, and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin.


  • Twinkle lights don’t just belong on the Christmas tree!                                                  The more mood lighting the better! There are a variety of styles of hanging lights to choose from. If you are going for a more rustic style, choose larger hanging lights with exposed bulbs, but if you are going for a soft subtle glow, use the tiny wire fairy lights. Hang these lights from ceilings, drape them over table tops, or coil them up in glass jars to create the look you want.


  • Adding artwork can transform your space!                                                                            Updating your wall art can be easy and cheap, and still totally transform the look of your room! Hang up some favorite fall quotes and festive artwork to instantly make your space look more inviting and ready for the season. Simply grab a couple of cheap picture frames, print out some artwork, is a great place to find it, and display around your home!,

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