Lifestyled for Fall: Part 2

In my opinion, you can never go overboard on fall decorations. Making your home cozy and inviting can last all year round! The ideas in this series can be personalized to fit your style. Hopefully you enjoyed part 1 of this series because there are more easy and fun fall ideas to come!

  • No such thing as too much texture!
    • The more soft and comfy textures you can pile up, the cozier your home will be! Instantly give any room a cozy fall theme by adding textured pillows. Wovens, cable knits, and soft furs are all perfect throw pillows to spice up your couch, bed, or anything in between.



  • Nothing quite as cozy as a crackling fire!
    • Curling up in front of a fire is a great way to relax, and having a fire in the fireplace makes everything more cozy. If you already have a fireplace in your home, get it prepped for use and put it to work! However, if you don’t have a fireplace there are still options for you! Create a makeshift fireplace by carving out some holes in the top of a few logs and putting tea lights in them to create the illusion of fire, display in a log holder and you’re good to go! If you want an even easier option, just google virtual fire on your laptop!


  • Get inspired for fall fashion!
    • Let your sweaters, scarves, and boots out to play and get inspired with your fall wardrobe! Get a cute clothing rack, or hang a decorative hook on the wall and display your fall favorites! Waking up to cute clothing pieces makes getting dressed in the morning much more fun, and you’ll head to the closet feeling inspired!


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