How to have a Proper Closet Clear-Out

Changing seasons bring about new wardrobes, and there is no time better to de-clutter your closet so that your favorite pieces can shine! Create more space in your closet by organizing and minimizing your clothing collection. There are two steps in a proper closet makeover, the clear-out and the organization. There are a few simple steps you can take to make the process easier.

The Clear-Out:

  1. Sort through every piece in your closet and separate them into 3 piles:
    1. Keeper: Anything frequently worn and non-damaged.
    2. To Be Fixed: Anything damaged (stains, rips etc.) that you love enough to get repaired.
    3. Get Rid Of: Anything outdated, damaged beyond repair or not worth fixing, ill-fitting, or has not been worn over the past year.
    4. Unsure: Anything that you are not sure about put into this pile and set aside to try on a few more times, and try out paired with different items or saved for a later season’s wardrobe. 7c013980c9cf715e10ef8e8bf8c3184b

The Organization:

This step varies depending on the kind of space you are working with, however there are a few simple steps that can be used no matter the size of your closet.

  1. Hang all non-stretchy items. keep your clothes wrinkle-free and on display, hang them in organized sections using dividers to separate by clothing pieces, or outfit styles.
  2. Fold all stretchy or delicate items, especially sweaters, place on shelves or in baskets in sections based on the item or style.
  3. Buy new hangers, its a quick and easy way to give your closet a face-lift.
  4. Give all loose accessories like bags, scarves, and belts their own home in bins or or display on shelves.
  5. Get a small shoe rack to make the most out of your space.







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