Easy Decor: Fall Prints

Fall is in full swing and the chilly weather is finally upon us. If you haven’t decorated your home for the fall season now is the time! It can be hard to acquire both the time and resources to decorate seasonally, but putting a fall finish on your home doesn’t have to be difficult! One of my favorite ways to do a seasonal makeover when I only have a few minutes to spare is to find some seasonal prints, grab a couple of cute frames, and go to town! Fall is certainly not lacking in the printable department. I have found a few favorites in different styles and attached them by category below. Here are the few simple steps to decorating your home with prints:

  1. Run to your nearest Target-like store and grab a couple of different sized frames, but don’t go any bigger than 8.5 x 11 if you are planning to print your pictures using a standard printer.
  2. Download your favorite prints (you will need a Pinterest account for this step, if you do not have one they are easy to sign up for, and I highly recommend it): Place your cursor over an image below, there is a little red button that appears over the picture that says “save”, click it and save the image to one of your Pinterest boards. Select the image in Pinterest and right-click on it, select “save image as” and save the picture into one of your computer folders.
  3. Size your prints (optional): In order to print out different sizes of pictures you will need to open up a blank word document and insert whatever pictures you would like to print. Then, size the pictures according to the size frames you have.
  4. Print: check your color cartridge ink. If you want your prints to look extra polished you can use “Color Copy Digital” paper, but regular printer paper will work.  Print your pictures.
  5. Size and Frame: Cut away the excess paper on any prints that do not take up the entire page. Stick the prints in your frames and you’ll be all set!


Welcome Fall:




Fall Quotes:


*All pictures were taken from Pinterest. 









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